Mashed Potatoes

MashedPotatoesTerry Rush is one of my spiritual heroes. And he probably doesn’t even know it. His passion for the Christ and his compassion for God’s people hit me like a freight train every time I hear him speak, every time we share a quick little two minute conversation or email, both times I’ve sat with him and other preachers in his study at the Memorial Road church in Tulsa, and every single time I read his blog. I want to share with you today something Terry wrote on his blog, Morning Rush,  yesterday regarding the Church of God as a sacrificial Body of believers, a truly selfless family bent on doing this thing together.


“I may be off an author or two but I think it was Juan Carlos Ortiz who wrote a book in the 70s discussing unity. He pointed out boiled potatoes in one bowl does not equal unity just because they are all together. Mashed potatoes is unity. He went on to explain: boiled ones are still individuals simply at the same location. The mashed are blended in with all others to serve one purpose as a unit.

Boiled? These members are in but not committed. They are in the church for their welfare, but not in it for the sake of the body. There is a thin line which calls for personal examination. Are we in the church for experiencing what makes me happy or to extend the body of Christ to the current and the next generations? Are we in it because our kids like it and need it or because God has burdened our hearts to live for Him? Are we in it to give us something good to do or to show mercy and love to a rude society? Are we boiled or mashed?

If boiled we find it easier to pick up our blankets and toys and find a new picnic. If mashed we find we can’t breathe without the body of Christ…He is our total life. What makes a boiled potato a mashed one? Beaters. Jesus asked us to face the beaters every day…..take up your beaters and follow me….he said, sorta. Each congregation is so much healthier mashed. There is found complete harmony. Only boiled? Oh, we may sit in the same bowl but we aren’t in it for the others. While we may sit together, we are still in this for self.

Take up your beaters. Let us submit to the beatings we take realizing we are simply in the wonderful kingdom process of God growing His people into one selfless body.”

Just 27 more days until the Tulsa Workshop!



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  1. dbyrnes

    Great analogy. But I am going to take issue with one part of this.

    “Are we in it because our kids like it and need it or because God has burdened our hearts to live for Him?”

    Can I answer yes to both of these?

    Our kids need it. We need to make sure we are able to get them to like it until we can bring them to the realization that they need it. In addition, God has burdened my heart to live for Him. He has also called me to bring as many to His kingdom as I can. I will start with those under my roof without regret and hopefully begin to reverse some of the trends discussed on Tuesday.

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