130 kids from the 5th grade down.
77 church volunteers.
52 beach balls.
10 buckets of confetti.
5 experiential learning and doing stations.
3 exciting nights.
1 crazy shark named Davy Wavy.







Tonight is the last night of Vacation Bible School at the Golf Course Road Church and it has been nothing less than a smashing success. I’m so proud of Kristin and Ashlee and Shannon for whipping up a wonderful plan to get our kids and their friends worshiping God, learning to trust Jesus, participating in local missions, and just having a blast together in the name of following our Lord. And I’m so proud of our church family. Those 77 volunteers don’t count the couple of dozen or so who helped decorate the church building on Saturday. So, in my view, this is a genuine all-church event. Our entire church has come together so beautifully to pull this off for the sake of our kids. And we’ve had a lot of fun doing it.






I’ve received so much joy watching Mark do his thing. He is a supremely talented teacher who connects so well with the children, and they love him. To watch Mark physically involve the kids with the Gospel stories about Christ, to see the boat he built for our stage, to be in the room when Mark is ad-libbing with a six-foot-tall walking and talking shark named Davy Wavy, is to appreciate not only his gifts, but his eagerness to share them with God’s Church. What a true blessing for all of us.

By the way, Brandon’s Davy Wavy is really the hit of the week. Why it takes him a full night to memorize a simple ten-word memory verse is beyond me. And I can’t decide if his voice sounds more like the Cookie Monster or Redd Foxx. But his energy and enthusiasm for the gig is making him the star of the show, no doubt.






Thank you to Kristin and Ashlee and their incredible group of teachers and volunteers. I’m so grateful to belong to a church and a ministry team that values teaching our kids how to love like Jesus. Each night has featured a different non-profit organization that’s doing Gospel work locally in Midland – Mission Agape, Reflections, and the MISD’s Family Support System – and our kids haveĀ  spent some of their time during each night working with that ministry. They’ve packed food for needy families in the Permian Basin, packed gift bags of socks and makeup and other essentials for women rescued from sex trafficking, and tonight they’re packing hygiene kits for at-risk students in our schools. Our kids are making waves in our community that will continue to have significant impact for weeks and months.






This has been an important week at GCR. We’re connecting together. We’re coming together for a common purpose. We’re teaching our children and worshiping God and serving our city in Jesus’ name and meeting a lot of new people and having a fantastic time doing it. May we have a terrific final night. May God’s name be praised and his grace be received. And may our Lord’s will be done in us and through us in Midland just as it is in heaven.