Killing Time in Kiev

It’s 1:30 Wednesday afternoon at the airport in Kiev (5:30 Wednesday morning Texas time). Carrie-Anne and I are a little over halfway through our seven hour layover and it looks like we’re going to make it. It was touch and go there for a couple of hours. But we have lunch behind us — we’re hoping it stays well behind us — and we’re only two hours away now from boarding our flight to London.

The techno-disco blaring from the giant screens in both terminals, the smells coming from the downstairs water closets, and the smoke — OH, THE SMOKE!!! — is about to get to us. It’s a little overwhelming. Factor in that C-A is on Day 11 without Dr Pepper and, wow, is she tired. Very, very tired.

We’re keeping a journal of our layover. It’s pretty funny. You wouldn’t believe most of it. But that’s OK, I wouldn’t publish most of it.

Needless to say, the atmosphere here is not conducive to the kind of contemplative, reflective, theological blogging you’ve become accustomed to in this space. Sorry. All of that will pick back up on Monday.

Until then, our plans are to spend a day and a half in London, fly back home to DFW late Friday afternoon, head straight to Posado’s or Abuelo’s, order one of everything on the menu, eat Mexican food and drink Dr Pepper until they ask us to leave, and then go home and sleep for about 14-hours.

David and Olivia say ‘hi’ to everybody at Legacy. I can’t wait to write more about them and God’s Church in Kharkov. Thank you for your prayers and your encouraging emails. We miss everybody. See y’all soon.



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  1. David Nelson

    We are so jealous that in just a short time you will be getting to enjoy some Abuelos. It has been so long for us I can’t even remember what it tastes like. I just know that it is very good.
    Enjoy your flights and stay in London!
    Love you guys

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