It’s the Little Things

That little note your husband left for you on the dining room table as he went to work. “I love you! Have a great day!” It means so much. It may mean more to you than the expensive diamond ring he gave you on your wedding day or the cruise you took together on your anniversary.

That little vase of flowers your friend brought to you while you were in the hospital. “Thinking of you.” It means so much. It probably means more to you than the Christmas gift or the birthday present she gives you every year.

The pat on the back in the crowded hallway. The wink across a busy room. The text message in the middle of the day. The unexpected card in the mailbox.

The little things mean so much because they stand for and point to the really big things. They are tangible proofs of the eternally massive and hugely important things in our lives. The note and winks are reminders of the love your husband has for you that is grand and limitless. A peanut butter and jelly sandwich with the crusts cut off in your lunch box reminds you that your mother loves you selflessly. Sacrificially.

And it means the world.

God’s little blessings, his everyday graces, mean so much because they point to his incomprehensible love for us. They remind us of his great promises. They are proof of his undying commitment to us. The rainbow. The budding of the trees. A toddler’s laugh. A grandmother’s prayer. Your coffee fixed by a friend just right. Holy communion. Your dog’s loyalty. Congregational singing. They all point to God’s eternal presence and his “great and precious promises.”

Remember the little things. Pay attention to the little things. Practice the little things. Because they mean so much.



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  1. Fred

    So very right. It’s good to be noticed. A “hello brother” can be come a boost to someone

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