Glad God Showed Up

I’m wholly incapable of adequately describing what happened yesterday here at Legacy—this day that this church family has been looking forward to for eight years. Brand new worship center. Brand new assembly time. One single morning assembly instead of two. Huge fellowship meal. Energy. Excitement. Enthusiasm. Anticipation. It kept building and building. And we kept planning and planning. Committee meetings. Sub-committee meetings. Informal, out in the parking lot, late night meetings. New bulletin format. New maps. New parking directions. New Small Groups handouts. New signs. A/V training. Practice runs. Ushers. Greeters. A communion table! Printing and folding and copying. Sweeping and dusting and painting. Planting and trimming and moving. Who’s leading what prayers? Who’s reading the Scriptures? Who’s presiding over the table? What songs will we sing? How many? What order? Is that your microphone or mine? Who’s closing the service? Call to worship. Benediction. Planning. Planning. Planning.

And then our Almighty God showed up and trumped everything. Everything.

Our Father showed us in powerful ways yesterday that he is still forgiving sins, he’s still saving souls, and he’s still robbing hell. He’s still reconciling people and redeeming all of creation back to himself. And yesterday we wound up right in the big fat middle of it. Seven of God’s children were baptized into the sin-forgiving and life-saving blood of Jesus yesterday. Five families announced their intentions of joining Legacy’s branch of God’s Kingdom here on earth. 1,349 of us lifted our voices and our hearts together in song to our Creator. We prayed together. We recited the Holy Scriptures together. We ate fried chicken together. We were perfectly united in spirit and in purpose. And when 3:45 pm rolled around, after the last cookie had been eaten and the last table cloth wadded up and thrown in the trash, it was almost like nobody wanted to leave.

I’ll have much more to write about tomorrow. I’m still in a bit of a fog as to what exactly happened yesterday. I’m still unclear as to some of the details. But it was good. It was all very, very good.



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