The Rangers were in a coma last night, sleepwalking through a 9-3 loss to the Angels. But, thankfully, the Mariners beat the Astros in Seattle, so the magic number is down to “3” with five games to play. The fear here is that, for the past six weeks, the Rangers have followed five and six game winning streaks with four and five game losing streaks. Let’s hope in the rubber match tonight that trend gets broken. And let’s be thankful Corey Seager’s wrist is not. Broken.


The A/V guys are training Tim and Dan on the new  equipment today, the painters are finishing up in the hallways, and the new chairs are being moved into our remodeled worship center at GCR. This is exciting — we’re getting close. After worshiping God together in our church gym for the past 37 Sundays (but who’s counting?), we’re finally moving back into this beautiful space.

Tonight, right after our MidWeek gatherings, we’re asking everybody in our church family to help us move the chairs out of storage, down a short hallway and into the worship center, and set them in their rows. Tim will direct us — he’s got the master diagram — and it should take less than the 30-minutes we have planned. Everything is marked, the design is familiar, the chairs on each end will already be in place, and it will probably be a lot of  fun. It’s an all-church, all-call, all hands on deck, intergenerational participatory event to move into place the last pieces of our remodeled room. Together.

Our Lord has been very good to us in that gym for the past nine months. He has been gracious to provide during this remodeling. But now it’s time to move back into our worship center, the sanctuary, the sacred space where God has been meeting with his people at GCR every Lord’s Day for 60-years. I can’t wait for Sunday.