Billy and Shannon Whiteley are old friends from our Marble Falls days. We had and raised — are still raising — our daughters together. We celebrated birthdays and high school football wins together. We worshiped together and saw in lots of New Years together. Even after we left Marble Falls in ’98 — Billy and Shannon to Lewisville and C-A and I to Memphis — we kept in close touch. When we moved back to DFW, we made it a point to see each other at least a few times every year. And, even with us in Amarillo, we still manage to spend some occasional time together.

You know friends like this. You don’t see each other for a year, but as soon as you get in the same room together, you pick up right where you left off like you’ve never been apart. That’s Billy and Shannon and their girls for us. We spent a couple of hours together today — all nine of us — at Posado’s in the mid-cities. And it was just like it was when we lived in the same central Texas county in the mid 90s. Except we’ve got gray hair and children in college.

ChristmasGirls2015These are our girls on Christmas Day in front of our fireplace in Amarillo. LittleRobbie2015







The other picture is of the pickiest eater in the history of our family trying to convince the second pickiest eater in our family to try a bite of potatoes at Carrie-Anne’s mom’s house last night. Funny.