I want to draw your attention to an editorial piece in the current issue of The Christian Chronicle. The editorial is written by Jeremie Beller, the opinions editor for the Church of Christ publication and the preacher at Wilshire Church of Christ in Oklahoma City. I’m pleasantly surprised by the editorial and I urge you to read it. Unlike most Christian Chronicle editions which attempt to present both sides of an issue without taking a stand, this short editorial draws a strong distinction between the kingdoms of this world and the Kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ and cautions all Christians against mistaking one for the other.

The overall tenor of the article is established right out of the gate when Beller contrasts the kingdoms of power, violence, and control with the Kingdom of justice, love, and mercy. He writes, “We have allowed our politics to shape our faith, rather than letting our faith shape our political engagement.” That’s true. Mostly. My problem with statements like this is that they fall short in, at worst, pitting faith against politics or, at best, presenting faith and politics as two separate things.

Until we see faith as politics, we’ll keep getting this wrong.

Beller takes a step in the right direction when he writes, “The Gospel is political by nature.” He’s right. Faith in Christ Jesus is political from start to finish. So it’s not seeing our politics through the lens of our faith, it should be seeing our faith as our politics.

With that quibble aside, it’s an excellent piece worthy of your time and careful consideration. Here it is. I recommend it to you highly.