Do Whatever Jesus Tells YouWe’re not sure what the mother of Jesus was thinking at that wedding in Cana when she told her son the hosts had run out of wine. But she was clearly expecting Jesus to do something. The timing was wrong and the Messiah seemed a little less than enthusiastic about inserting himself into the situation, but his mother was asking him to do something. And then she told the servants of the house, “Do whatever Jesus tells you.”

Mary knew that Jesus would provide what was needed. And whatever he chose to do and however he chose to do it, Mary believed would be for the best of everybody involved. She trusted that Jesus would come through. And he did.

Jesus provided more wine at that party than anybody could possibly drink. The conservative estimate in Scripture claims anywhere from 150-180 gallons of wine. That’s a lot of wine. And not just any wine; this was the very best wine. This wine was so good the caterer complained to the groom.

“Do whatever Jesus tells you” is a statement of faith and confidence in that grace and in the Lord of that grace. You can’t do much better than that. Advising people to do whatever Jesus tells them and you, yourself, doing whatever Jesus tells you is a pretty good rule of life.

Jesus delivered more than Mary could have possibly asked or imagined. He provided an abundance of blessing. There’s grace in this miracle. There’s grace and provision for a pushy mom and grace and provision for everybody who had been invited to the feast. Abundant grace and provision. From Jesus. More than you need.