Church Clothes

I vividly remember as a young teenager, after spending a Sunday afternoon at my friend Todd’s house, showing up to church that evening in blue jeans, a Huey Lewis and the News concert T-shirt, tennis shoes, and extra-wide sweat bands on my wrists. Upon entering the half-empty/half-full worship center I was notified that I was on the list of those who were supposed to serve communion. (This was back in the day when, if you weren’t at church that morning, we made you raise your hand or stand and the rest of us watched you commune. By yourself.) So, I stood up there, feet shoulder-width apart, hands firmly clasped in front, praying and passing the Body and Blood of Christ.

And, man, I got it when we got home. I was not wearing church clothes! I was waiting on the Lord’s Table and not wearing church clothes!

Of course, I know now what I did not know then. In all actuality, I was wearing my church clothes. You are right now wearing your church clothes. The place where you are sitting or standing right now is holy ground.

Scripture holds that everything — absolutely everything — takes place on holy ground. God has something to say about every aspect of our lives: the way we feel and act in the so-called privacy of our own hearts and homes, the way we make and spend our money, the politics we embrace, the entertainment we enjoy, the wars we fight, the tragedies we endure, the people we know. Nothing is hidden from the sight of our God. And nothing is exempt from his rule. The ground is holy, the folks are holy, the words we speak are holy.

“Holy, holy, holy is the Lord God Almighty; the whole earth is full of his glory!”

Not just in the worship center on Sunday morning, but everywhere you walk is holy ground. Everywhere you go is a sacred place. Everybody you meet is a holy opportunity. Everything you do is a sacred activity. Everything you wear is church clothes!

It’s all governed and ruled by God and set apart by him and acknowledged by his children as holy and set apart for his divine and eternal purposes. All of it.

“As God has said, ‘I will live with them and walk among them, and I will be their God, and they will be my people…’ Since we have these promises, dear friends, let us purify ourselves from everything that contaminates body and spirit, perfecting holiness out of reverence for God.” ~2 Corinthians 6:16, 7:1


The Texas Rangers are smoking hot heading into their second straight postseason. While clinching the title in the AL West, the Rangers won six in a row, ten of their last eleven, 14 of their last 16, swept the Halos, and notched a club record 96 victories. The only team hotter in the American League is the Tampa Bay Rays.

Come 4:00 tomorrow afternoon, I will be planted on the microfiber couch, in front of the tube, with Whitney, some ice-cold DDP, an ample supply of chips and hot sauce, and enough popcorn to make Orville Redenbacher blush. You can text me tomorrow afternoon after 4:00. But don’t call.

This is the most complete Rangers team ever assembled. Kinsler and Napoli are smashing the ball. Josh and Beltre are clutch. Michael Young is MVP-calibar. Ceej and Holland and Harrison are in a groove. Feliz has found his stuff. And Mike Adams is this year’s Cliff Lee.

Rangers in four.



  1. Rob's Dad

    You know how I feel about church clothes. I wanted to stay with shorts after the walking boot came off however my good ACU, COC raised bride got control of the scene and said no. I still get the fish eye from some people for wearing Chacos.

    Tomorrow is my late night so keep me in the text loop. Rooting for the Old School Brother and waiting for Diamond Talk.

  2. Low Budget

    That’s How Baseball GO.
    yep once you got a hole in your Jeans they were moved to the lower drawer and classified as “play clothes”. even if they were new “church jeans” or slightly faded “school jeans”. if they got really bad they became “Cut Offs”. nowadays you pay $80 bucks for jeans with factory made holes..

  3. Jenn

    You would have loved Grace Green on Sunday then…She had softball practice at 7:30 Sunday morning and proudly walked in the worship center in her holes in the knees, Texas red softball dirt covered ball pants and dirty t-shirt. It was pretty cute and I was proud of her for wanting to be there in whatever she could be there in. I’ll have to let her read this after school! Go Rangers!! 🙂

  4. Dbyrnes

    Again, this is just too easy my friend. It’s as if you’re begging me to mention preachers in ties and/or coats – but always one or the other. You dare to mention wearing Huey and wristbands while serving holy communion and don’t realize I’m going to capitalize on it?

    It’s an insult to smart allecks everywhere. And I know I’m a punk. I’m not even going to give you the satisfaction of throwing that at me. Really, you’ve got to step it up.

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