Caleb & Abbie

We put 1,904 miles on Carrie-Anne’s Escape this past weekend to attend the wedding of our nephew Caleb and his beautiful bride Abbie in New Harmony, Indiana. Caleb is my sister Rhonda’s older son, a super-smart and determined young man with a killer three-point shot; Abbie is the hiking and biking fitness freak he met at Harding; and they are very very well-suited for each other. They make a really great couple and we couldn’t be happier for them both.

We took our time getting to this little community on the Wabash River. Carrie-Anne, Whitney, and I took advantage of Valerie and David being on their honeymoon (one year later; thanks, COVID) to stay in their apartment in Tulsa Thursday night. And on Friday, we took a 24-mile, 90-minute detour to catch some throwed rolls at Lambert’s Cafe outside Branson.

The day of the wedding, Saturday, we hopped in a couple of golf carts and did some sightseeing around New Harmony. The roofless church. The old abandoned bridge connecting Illinois and Indiana over the Wabash River. A couple of antique shops. Fields and fields of bright Peonies flowers. Several 200-year-old buildings. And a spooky burial ground. New Harmony feels like something straight out of a Stephen King movie: super old homes in a tight-knit community cut off from the rest of the world with a bit of a creepy vibe, like something’s going on here. Something horrible has happened here or could happen here.












The wedding, though, was perfect. Logan officiated an efficient ceremony on the banks of a Wabash tributary in the shadow of the New Harmony Inn, right after a brief rain shower that had us scrambling during the family pictures. The rest of the night was just as good: dinner, the dancing, the DJ, Asa’s really good toast, the shoe game, Joanna’s perfectly-timed leakage, blueberry popcorn, the new couple’s well-rehearsed exit, and three kinds of cake! The only miscue was Caleb’s throw of Abbie’s garter – a lame one-hopper that barely cleared two feet.










Sunday morning we all went to church together at the Christian Church in Carmi, Illinois where Abbie’s family worships and where she grew up. And then we loaded up the Escape for the 13-hour drive back to Amarillo. Brutal. Straight through. We got home at 1:30am. Asa, Rhonda’s youngest, is marrying the lovely Addie in November in Destin, Florida. I think we’ll take a plane.

Congratulations to Caleb and Abbie! We were so blessed to participate in your wedding and to share with you your love and joy and expectations. May the Father’s love bless your relationship together and all your relationships. May the peace of Christ reign in your home with you and everyone you know. And may the Holy Spirit provide you with wisdom and guidance and patience and everything you need so your marriage forever reflects our God’s love and faithfulness.




  1. Sandra Bryant

    We enjoyed your article. We are glad you were able to make the trip for the wedding. (Lambert’s is a fun stop.). Caleb is blessed with a wonderful family! It was great to worship with you on Sunday.

  2. Beverly Stanglin

    It was a beautiful wedding and a wonderful weekend of visiting with the new part of our family, (Abbie and baby Joanna). Abbie’s family was gracious and hospitable. We enjoyed the whole experience and anticipate the next wedding in Florida.

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