Congratulations to Adrian Beltre on his first-ballot election to the National Baseball Hall of Fame. Hitting home runs from his knees, playing every day through injury and pain, creatively avoiding Gatorade showers, physically moving the on-deck circle, busting Elvis Andrus’ chops, interacting with fans in the front rows, dancing at home plate after an inside pitch or with the second baseman during a rundown, all while winning Gold and Platinum Gloves and Silver Slugger awards–there has never been a third baseman more fun to watch play, or more deserving of this highest honor. I feel like, next to Beltre’s bust in Cooperstown, there should be a little Elvis Andrus bobblehead.


And, happy birthday to our little middle! Valerie turns 27 today. And she is still awesome! I love you, sweetie. If you’ll get in your car right now and drive from Tulsa to Midland, we can take you out for a late birthday dinner tonight.