Baseball Time in New York

Whitney and I are headed to the Big Apple today to see at least two games of the Rangers – Yankees showdown in the Bronx. The trip’s been planned since around Christmas time when our oldest daughter chose New York and this Rangers series for her graduation trip. And she’s been looking forward to it with tremendous anticipation. Every day. Almost every hour. I’m so glad today has finally arrived just to get a little relief.

When Alex Rodriguez broke his wrist a few weeks ago, Whitney had called me within the hour. “We can’t boo A-Rod now at Yankee Stadium! He won’t be playing!” Yeah, that’s always a highlight of any Rangers – Yankees games. Bummer.

We’ve told all three of our girls that, when they graduate, Carrie-Anne and I will take them that summer anywhere in the contiguous U.S. they want. Whitney chose Rangers-Yankees, which severely limited our options as far as when we would do it. This week was it, thank you Bud Selig. And, since then, C-A messed around and got a teaching job at Tascosa High School. New teacher orientation begins today, so it’s just Whitney and me.

No Broadway shows. No fashion shopping. Just Rangers – Yankees and the ESPN Zone in Times Square. OK, I’m trying to talk her into seeing the Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty, and the Twin Towers site. But she’s really just interested in the sports stuff. Ah, the satisfaction of a parenting job well done!

We’ll get there early enough for batting practice; she’s dead-set on getting Michael Young’s autograph. We’ll stroll through monument park and take in as much baseball history and culture as we can in one week. I just hope we’re not sitting there in our Rangers jerseys and Rangers caps and New York’s up 12-3 in the third. You know?




  1. Kipi

    I think you jinxed them tonight by that last line. Oh well, one of the greatest thing about baseball is that you get to play again tomorrow!

    New York and no Broadway??

  2. Allan

    You and I both know, Kipi, that the Broadway stuff happens with Valerie in three years.

  3. Kipi

    And you will enjoy it. 🙂

    Go Rangers.

  4. Allan

    You have to know, Kipi, that Valerie and Carley and I will still, ocassionally, burst out into “One Day More” with our most dramatic, over-the-top opera voices we can muster.

    “One day more. Another day, another destiny. To see the plans God’s made for me. These people who were once called mine will have to change their place in time. One day more.”

    Yeah, we’ll have a blast.

  5. Kipi

    Be sure and see the movie version in December.

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