An Adult in All 50 States

Today, our Little Middle, Valerie Nicole, turns 18, becoming a legal adult now in all fifty states. There are all kinds of interesting things one is allowed to do once turning eighteen. Valerie is now old enough to vote, to buy cigarettes, to play the state lottery, and to adopt a small child. She can rent her own apartment, get credit cards and open bank accounts without a parent, and join this country’s military. Today, Valerie can rent a Port-A-Potty (and put it in Greg’s front yard?), rent a car, and rent a power tool at Home Depot.

So far, none of that has happened yet today. She and three or four of her girlfriends are coming over here for C-A’s homemade pizza, going to a movie, celebrating at the Dessert Bar here in town, and then probably staying up way too late before finally crashing at our place.

Oh, Valerie, Valerie, Valerie.

I am very proud of you, sweetie. There are right at four months left in your last year of high school and, just like everything else, it’s going to happen before I’m quite ready for it or can take it all in. I’m so proud of the friend you are to others, the way you have grabbed this teaching / AmeriCorps thing and just excelled at it, the way you pushed through the auditions to make it to Sandie Revue, and the responsible ways you handle everything from the truck to your grades to your relationships to your walk with our God.

Thinking about how little time we’ve really got left to enjoy you on a daily basis around here gets all up in my feels. So, I’ll save the real mush for graduation. I hope you have a terrific time tonight and a wonderful birthday.

Keep swaggin’!

I love you,


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  1. Paul Brightwell

    Hey Allan Valerie and I share a love for Blue Bell(out of the carton) trucks AND the same Birthday!
    Happy Birthday to you young lady! Give your family a big group hug from me😉!

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