A Little Levity

Q: What do John the Baptist and Kermit the Frog have in common?

A: The same middle name




  1. Jim Gardner


    When they rate the worst Preacher’s jokes of all time, that one will make the Top 10.

  2. Allan


    You’re wrong. It’s definitely top ten BEST preacher’s jokes of all time. Maybe it works better verbally than in written form. Or maybe it’s over your head…

  3. Jim Gardner


    Hey, I got ministerial seniority over you and I say that might be among the Top 5 worst ever. Even Mandy thought it was bad and it doesn’t take much to illicit a side-splitting spasm of laughter out of her.

  4. Jason Reeves


    I was hoping to glean something theologically profound from your blog today.

    Needless to say… I did not.



  5. Jason Reeves

    And Jim is right….

    It’s bad….

  6. Allan

    Larry & Larry, Jr:

    I guarantee the readers of this blog can come up with ten worse preacher’s jokes and post them here before tomorrow’s entry.

  7. Larry in Lewisville

    The only thing worst than that joke is someone naming their free dog “Freebie”

  8. Allan

    Again, that was quite possibly the best name ever given to a free dog. We loved that dog dearly. For about four days.

    Is nobody going to take me up on the bad preacher’s jokes? Do I need to prime the pump with the apostles “going out in one Accord” or Joshua not having parents because he was “the son of Nun?”

  9. Kipi

    When I tried this one on Jalayna, her answer was, “They both ate bugs.” I thought that was a pretty good one.

    And I disagree with the guys here. I loved it. But maybe it was because I heard it before I read it.

    Bad jokes…How about “Gladly, the Cross-Eyed Bear”?

  10. Allan

    Is that one or four?

    How about “Are you sowing the seed of the King, dumb brother?”

    Is that two or five?

    Or still one?

  11. Jim Gardner

    Okay, I’ll bite.

    Q: Who is the shortest man in the Bible?
    A: Bildad the SHU-HITE.

    Three or six?

  12. Jason Reeves

    Alright, I’ll contribute these 2.

    Keep in mind I have only heard these, I’ve never used them myself….

    Mark 5, Jesus arrives in the area of the Gerasenes, and casts out the demons into an unsuspecting herd of pigs that plunge head-long into the Sea of Galilee –

    This is the first instance in the Bible of both:


    and mass sui-cide….

    That’s either 5 or 7.

  13. Allan

    I knew I could find two corny preachers to jump in. I can’t believe Gardner didn’t mention all the baseball in the Bible: In the big-inning, Eve stole first, Adam stole second, and the Prodigal Son made it home.

    Or how about Jesus on a motorcycle when he rides into Jerusalem on his Triumph?

    I’m glad Jason has clarified. None of these have been used in the pulpit by any of us, right?

  14. Jason Reeves

    I think I heard the 2 I shared from you….

  15. Jim Gardner


    I thought you were going to go the “First Bay of Pigs” route.

    And Lair, isn’t it interesting that the shortest, corniest blog of your blogging career illicits the most feedback?

  16. Allan

    Jason, no sir, you did not.

    Lawrence, what’s interesting is that it seems to be just we three.

  17. Jason Reeves

    Q: Why didn’t the worms go on Noah’s ark in apples?

    A: Because they had to go in “pears.”

  18. Jim Gardner


    That’s why, in the words of Jim Rome, I’m out! I think I’ve reached my corny Preacher joke quota for life, thanks to you and Jason.

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