Red Ribbon ReviewThere are 78 days until the Dallas Cowboys kick off the 2009 football season against the Bucs in Tampa Bay. And we’re counting down the days with a Red Ribbon Review, a daily look at the second-best players, according to jersey number, in Cowboys history.

Anybody can compile a list of the bests. That’s simple. You’ve probably never seen a list of seconds. See, how clever?

JohnDuttonThe second-best player to ever wear #78 for the Cowboys is big John Dutton. Dutton spent nine years in Dallas on the left side of the Cowboys defensive line, helping the Danny White-era Cowboys to reach three straight NFC Championship Games.

No, it’s not Kurt Vollers. It’s John Dutton.

Bill GregoryI’ll never make it to update this thing on Sunday. So, in order to stay ahead of the Red Ribbon Review, the second-best #77 is a long-time backup defensive lineman, Bill Gregory. From 1971-77, Gregory provided depth behind the likes of Bob Lilly, George Andrie, and Jethro Pugh. He played in four Super Bowls with Dallas, including the team’s first title win over the Dolphins in his rookie year and the Super Bowl XII victory over Denver.

Some of you were thinking Bruce Thornton or Solomon Page. I know.