Yes, I have torn a muscle in my lower back trying to dead-lift a four-million pound concrete flower box on our front porch. And I remain in the blur of a medically-induced haze as a result of the muscle relaxers, pain killers, and steroids prescribed by my doctor. I missed Central’s Family Camp this weekend, flat on my back, alternating between ice packs and heating pads. It’s one of those almost embarrassing things you’d rather not everybody know. But when the preacher doesn’t show up, people ask questions. Greg did his best to tell¬†folks at Blue Haven I had broken my back while baptizing a really overweight man. But it didn’t hold. Everybody knows, as evidenced by the wheelchair that greeted me this morning as I arrived in my office.


At 5:30 this afternoon more than a hundred volunteers from our four downtown churches will come together in our Sneed Hall to sort and pack thousands of school supplies for Wills, San Jacinto, Bivins, and Sunrise elementary schools. It was this event one year ago at Polk Street Methodist that served as the official “first” 4 Amarillo cooperative effort. Since that time all four of our churches have worshiped together in each other’s buildings, we’ve run neighborhood Bible schools and block parties, we’ve remodeled a house, and we’ve eaten a lot of ice cream.

That the world may believe.

Putting aside our denominational differences, tearing down the walls that divide us, and focusing only on our common Savior is a compelling testimony to the power of our Lord. When we come together in Christ we are proclaiming in word and in deed that Jesus really is the Prince of Peace, that he really is all about reconciliation, and that he really does transcend all human divisions.


What an honor to host this event tonight at Central. What a joy to be right in the middle of something Jesus actually prayed for on the night he was betrayed. What a tremendous blessing to live and serve in the very heart of what God is doing in his world.