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  1. Caleb Courtney

    Where do we sign up for your “I pretend to hate the Cowboys to cover my pain at their losing” bandwagon? 😉

  2. Lance

    HA! Well played Chris. Well played.

  3. eric gray

    dude I’m in town and right now I’m in north arlington call me I can’t find your number and noone is picking up at the church 2143352339

  4. Allan

    First, Chris Courtney has gone to great lengths to distance himself from this blog. He takes great pains to be as far removed from this space as possible. It’s obvious that the pathetic attempt at pulling me into your miserable little pity party, to somehow connect yourself to a solid and stable presence undisturbed by the disappointment and embarrassment that is the Cowboys, is perpetrated by Caleb, not Chris.
    Second, it’s just like a Cowboys fan to ignore the reality of the situation and see only what he wants to see, ie: calling Caleb, Chris; ie: openly cheering for the likes of Owens, Tank, PacMan, and Hamlin and denying their character has anything to do with what’s now a 13-year drought without a playoff win.
    Third, Eric, I’m calling you right now.

  5. Caleb Courtney

    That is hilarious Allan. I just laughed out loud and the people in my office are looking at me like you look at a personal laughing hysterically in the face of great personal pain.

    My father needs a running disclaimer on here that my views and opinions are my own and not the direct result of his parenting skills, ranting, or raving. I am considering commenting under the name Caleb (Chris’ son) Courtney.

    I cheer for Romo,(who fixes flats and takes homeless guys to movies)Nick Folk, Mat McBriar, Ware, Ellis, Ratliff, Witten, and of course Keith Davis because anyone who can get shot twice deserves our applause.

  6. Lance

    Wow, I’m an idiot. My appologies Caleb. Still, well played though.

  7. Lance

    I can’t spell either….I guess that’s a flaw of Cowboys fans too.

  8. Caleb Courtney

    No need to apologize Lance. I have been called much worse than my Dad’s name. And don’t worry about the spelling issue, I have it too; I believe its just a flaw of our kind. (the youth minister/cowboy fan)

  9. Kipi

    I’m a little behind in my blog reading, but I had to jump in on this one. Allan, Caleb and Lance are simply too young to remember what the Cowboys were before the Jones era. Boys, it is painful…not that they lost…again…but seeing what we once could proudly call “America’s team” reduced to what it has become…the representation of an egomaniac’s sad pathetic life. He has turned Valley Ranch into a halfway house for players that most of us would be afraid to meet in a dark alley at night, and none of his machinations have resulted in a playoff winning team since he became the puppet master after kicking Jimmy Johnson out…not that Johnson was the kind of person we could be proud of, either.

    Thanks for letting me rant… 😉

  10. Allan

    Thanks for ranting!

    I invite Cowboys fans to turn their rooting attention to San Diego’s LaDainian Tomlinson and the Vikings’ Adrian Peterson, two Texas high school running backs who’d make any fan proud. Their teams are both long shots to make it to the Super Bowl. But, go Chargers and Vikes!

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