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Six Spots for Israel Trip 2022

We have six slots available for our every-other-year sight-seeing trip to Israel May 10-21, 2022. To maximize this once-in-a-lifetime experience, we always cap our groups at 30 people, and we’re almost there. The next six to send in the $400 deposit will have their spots reserved and the trip will be closed.

This next trip, my fourth to host / lead and my fifth overall, is already booked by really great people from both Amarillo and Midland, from both the Central and GCR Churches of Christ. And there’s still room for you to jump in.

By the time May rolls around, it will have been four years since our last trip to the Holy Lands – thank you, COVID. But our local guide, Anton, is lined up and all our usual sites and experiences are still on the docket. Here’s the link to the brochure and registration. If you have any questions, please contact me or the good people at Fowler Tours in Dallas.



Bucket List Opportunity

I have room for eight to ten more folks on our sightseeing trip to Israel May 28 – June 7 this year. This summer’s tour will be my fourth to lead and my fifth trip overall to the Holy Lands. If it’s on your bucket list, I’d encourage you to jump in with us.

We spend all of the ten-day tour in Israel, which allows us to visit all the sites literally from Dan to Beersheba at a leisurely and low-stress pace; we’ll take in once-in-a-lifetime experiences such as wading through the 2,700-year-old Hezekiah’s Tunnel, sharing a picnic on the banks of the Jordan River, floating on the Dead Sea, sailing on the Sea of Galilee, and praying in the Garden of Gethsemane; we’ll spend our evenings together in worship and reflection, processing what we’ve experienced that day and preparing for the next day’s agenda; and our tour is limited to 30-people, allowing us to enjoy guided tours and restaurants together and giving us more room to spread out on the air-conditioned bus.

Every paragraph of Holy Scripture contains geography, landscape, architecture, people, food, customs, dress, animals, agriculture, and rituals that serve to communicate the history and fact of God and his activity in our world. As we explore first-hand the sights, sounds, smells, and tastes of Israel on our trip, the story of our God’s faithful love will expand and deepen to penetrate your heart and soul like no other experience can. You’ll never read the Bible in the same way again.






Click here 2020Brochure to download the brochure with all the information and details. And holler at me if you have any questions.