Whitney made her Midland debut today at Market Street and, of course, she absolutely killed it! She wasn’t in training too long today before they realized she knew everything there is to know about customer service, produce codes, and running the till at United grocery stores. She’s checking out the customers’ groceries here just like she did for more than eight years in Amarillo and, because we’re living in Midland, she’s making a little more money. Fat stacks, Whit!!

United / Market Street has been such a great company to work for and a tremendous blessing for our oldest daughter. Her longtime manager in Amarillo knows the Market Street manager here and the transfer has been smoooooooth. Whitney will be working her usual 25 hours or so per week and it won’t be too long before she’s a rock star in this town. She’ll have her own customers, the friends she makes, these people who approach her at restaurants and in the mall to tell her ‘hi.’ It’s awesome.

Congrats on the new job, sweetie. I admire everything about the way you perform your job, the way you bless the people you encounter, and the way you reflect our God’s glory in your workplace.

I promise I’ll stop telling people that you’ll give them free ice cream if they’ll go through your line.

I love you.